• Praise and Commendation for Natrofix EQUINE

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    'I have been using Natrofix EQUINE on my horses for various reasons. I had a chronically sick mare that was suffering from liver failure, once we sorted this out, she developed ulcers from the medication. In these ulcers we discovered Strep bacteria which meant that every time she worked she spiked a temperature. She also showed traces of Propionibacteria. It was recommended to me that she went onto Natrofix EQUINE to sort out the Strep bacteria and the ulcers, as she had already had five courses of antibiotics and none of them had killed the bacteria. Within one month of using the oil her counts had improved by 80%. She has not had one temperature since starting on the Natrofix EQUINE.'

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    'My Open Event horse has chronic ulcers and is kept on expensive ulcer medication permanently. Since being on Natrofix EQUINE, he is far more settled and less irritated when being tacked up. As well as not throwing tantrums, which he often does when his ulcers worry him or he is in a stressful situation. He seems to settle much quicker after a major event.'

    'My sensitive chestnut mare had to have a colic op in 2011. I then discovered Natrofix EQUINE . She became calmer, her coat blossomed and she enjoyed her work more. The small colic episodes have completely disappeared. Natrofix EQUINE is affordable and works very well!'

    'Wonderful product. Since I have been using Natrofix EQUINE both my horses look amazing and feel super. Natrofix EQUINE seems to have stopped Carlotta’s itching and Ari hardly coughs anymore too. Would highly recommend.'

    'Natrofix EQUINE is a highly effective supplement that doesn’t break the bank. It has helped my horse that was prone to stomach ulcers and my horses have gained weight and their coats have improved. As an open show jumper, my horses need to feel amazing at all times and Natrofix EQUINE has certainly helped with that!'

    Adale Brown

    'I have had my horse on Natrofix EQUINE for about a year now and I have felt a huge difference in his energy levels and general well-being. It has made a big difference to my horse.'